Signature Cakes, 6" and 8"

Carrot Cake

Made with fresh organic carrots, grated cinnamon and nutmeg, lemon rind.  Decorated with our unique buttery Cream Cheese Icing and topped with hand crafted candied carrots.  With or without pecans.

$30   $50

Geode Cake

Designed for the rock hound in mind.  Unique with a colourful, crystaline embellishment.


German Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate cake with an amazing coconut pecan filling.  Frosted with German Buttercream and topped with pecans and Chocolate Ganache.  Absolutely decadent.

$50  $70

Photo Coming

Rainbow Cake

7 layers in the colours of the rainbow.  Iced with Swiss Meringue Icing.  A tall, visually stunning cake.  Your choice of frostings.

$60, $80

Red Velvet Rose

Classic red velvet cake, frosted with white or red rosettes in our Cream Cheese Icing.  Fit for a queen.

$60  $80

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Unicorn Cake

You've seen her.  Lovely little unicorn with a beautiful hand sculpted horn.  6" only.


Photo Coming

Shark Cake

6" cake with a hand scuplted and completely edible shark.  Frosted in waves with our German Buttercream.


Mermaid Cake

6" only.  A double tall cake, topped with mermaid tails, and covered in pearls, shells and sea creature freinds.  Frosted with Swiss Meringue.  Lots of color choice.