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since 2016​

One day while trying to figure out what sort of job I could do from home and still have time to be with my four kids, it hit me.  Cooking.  I love cooking.  I have a lot of experience cooking and people seem to really like what I do so...why not?

We converted part of our basement into a commercial kitchen.  I took courses, got approval and licenses where needed and The Secret Kitchen was born.

While the business has seen a few changes from my original plan, things have been moving on at a great pace.  In fact when I think about it, it's been better than I ever expected.

With over 15 years experience in the food service industry, I have been able to head into this with the confidence I need.  I've had help from some great people along the way, made some amazing connections with local businesses and been lucky enough to find some amazing staff.

I really enjoy what I do.  Every aspect from menu planning, to shopping for ingredients, creating new recipes, to pulling off those big events.

I hope you'll enjoy what I do too.

It all began one spring day in Lisha's kitchen....
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